Estate Planning

  • Passing away Without a Will in Arkansas 4 Situations

    Even if you don’t have a great deal of property, you can benefit by developing an estate plan that picks how your property passes after you die. If you don’t set your choices out in a lawfully recognized way, Arkansas state law makes the decision for you through its laws of intestate succession. These laws […]

  • Taking Care of Elderly

    A lot of customers talk with their lawyers about what may happen to them as they end up being older and are unable to take care of themselves. Most express a guaranteed desire to not need to remain in a nursing house, as they view such places to be very dismal and they wish to […]

  • How to Tell if a Will Was Revoked or Changed?

    While a will does not end, knowing if there were different versions that replaced the older one or if the will was at some point revoked is essential to the recipients and heirs. Discovering a legitimate and binding will even years after another remained in its location executed might withdraw certain provisions and cause different […]

  • Gina Reinhart– The Richest Australian Decides To Disinherit

    You may have recently heard the news out of Australia about the nation’s richest woman, Gina Reinhart and her legal battle with her children over her decision to disinherit them from the household fortune. Ms. Reinhart is the heir to her daddy’s iron ore organisation estimated to be worth about $18 billion. The information of […]

  • What Is a Resilient Power of Attorney?

    Meaning of Toughness In basic, a power of attorney does not require the principal to be in any way incapacitated. An individual may want a power of attorney because she or he will be taking a trip and wants someone to manage financial affairs on his or her behalf. In some states, incapacitation will make […]

  • The Fundamentals of Adult Guardianship

    Adult guardianship is a legal proceeding in which a ‘ward’ is found doing not have in the capability to take care of themselves and lawfully authorizes a guardian to make their choices. Adult guardianship is typically needed when a senior can no longer care for themselves due to the fact that of decreasing health, dementia, […]

  • Family Challenges to Wills Designating Child Custody

    Family and adoption laws are often made complex in the United States. If there is no legal action considered children to be adopted by a stepfather or stepmother, these cases may end up being even more tough. Transfer of Adult Rights When either of the dad or mom is still alive and has not signed […]

  • What Are the Laws of Intestacy?

    The laws of intestacy are the default rules that are followed to dispose of an individual’s probate estate after he or she dies. These laws are based upon state statute. In order to prevent these laws, a decedent can make a will or otherwise get rid of the assets prior to or at death, such […]

  • How to Store Estate Planning Documents

    Estate planning documents require to be kept securely, yet be available, when required. Here are 6 easy to execute ideas on keeping your estate planning documents. u2022 Ask your estate planning attorney if he maintains signed originals and for how long he will do so. u2022 Provide a copy of your estate planning documents to […]